You’ve reached the general information setup instructions for the Musaic Wordpres theme created by Chris Fay, for The fastest way to build this theme would be to start from a fresh install of WordPress 2.9.1+ and download the exported demo content provided and import it through your freshly installed WordPress install.

This will import the content, links, custom fields, etc… that exist in the demo, allowing you to view and customize from a functional standpoint. After the import, you will still need to run through the options panel and set a few options such as the music category id, any page id’s to exclude from the nav, the music feature id, etc… You’ll also need to go to the WordPress backend, to ‘Settings’->’Reading’. Then click the radio button for ‘Front page displays -> A static page’ and set it to your ‘Home’ page, and set your posts page to your ‘blog’ page, as this does not come over with the import.

This approach will also allow you to more easily see how things have been configured through a functional pre-configured setup, rather than digging through docs piece by piece. I will however provide basic information on how to setup each page in the demo as well, so if you need further help just hover over the setup link to activate the more specific subpage documentation for further details

As always, if you need further help in setting up this theme, have questions, would like customization assistance, or need anything at all, please email me directly either through this demo’s contact page or through my personal site located @

Below are some general items you will want to be aware of before getting into more detail…

Demo Content

The demo content you see in the live preview can be downloaded from here. Remember to configure run through the options in the Musaic admin options panel after import to complete the configuration.


The navigation links are page based, while providing a dropdown navigation on hover for subpages. Simply create the main pages and any sub pages you want to use and they will automatically be created appropriately. The ordering can be controlled via the musaic options panel (ie alphabetical, manual order, etc…). The new music page automatically uses a BigNav dropdown once you have created the new music category, assigned some posts to it, and set the category id in the options panel. All other pages will use a normal dropdown navigation appearance.

Category ID’s

Remember to enter the category id’s in the Musaic options panel after importing/creating them, or you’ll have unwanted content show up in your blog/sidebar/navigation after import and when creating new content. The specific categories are fairly obvious from the options panel, but I will mention them on the specific pages they are used further in the documentation.

Page Templates

There are 3 main page templates – Home, New Music, Contact – each requires a page to be created and the template assigned. The Home page has been configured as the home page, and the contact page is a fully functional contact page – all you have to do is set your email address in the Musaic options panel to receive emails. Each page is addressed specifically further in the documentation.

Theme Admin Options

As you’ll notice, Musaic utilizes an accordion style hierarchical interface to group the volume of options, making it easier to sort and find information, also making it bit more fun to play with. I’ve also included quite a few additional admin options to make it easier to customize and include many options for your needs. I hope you enjoy it! (This was introduced with Chapter26


All images are taken from the Flickr creative commons licensed for use.